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Our Work

We are capable of providing holistic solution to basic need for people everywhere, especially the place where fresh drinking water is ready anytime when needed. The Atmospheric Water Generator is an answer for such situation. The advanced technology is used to extract water just from the AIR. The filtering and sanitation is added to make hygiene and edible water.

Suitable for medium-large populated area such as military camp, rural small village, hospital, disaster-emergency post, etc. User-friendly and environmental sustainable solution for community is what we focus on.


Fresh Water for Military Camp

Deployment at Indonesian department of defence to support mobile drinking water for military camp personnel

Military Camp.JPG

Fresh Water for Brigade Mobile

Deployment at Indonesian Brigade Mobile unit

Disaster-Emergency Post.JPG

Fresh Water for Disaster-Emergency Post

Post-Earthquake left huge damage of basic infrastructure which fresh water is hard to find. 

Such solution is most sought-after.

Fresh Water for Rural Area

The deployment of Wadiwater at Labuan Bajo, most eastern and rural part of Indonesia where fresh water is scarce.

Wadiwater M1

New development of mobile AWG-Wadiwater M1 which comes up with customised external tank that can storage produced water depends on need

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